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Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Dear Mom, Dad, Eric, Belle, and Coffee,

Well, I was coming home from proselyting Saturday night and checked the fax machine and to my surprise, I found a mini-surprise-move call (the move call doesn't actually end for two weeks).  I was moved to Nantou.  It's about an hour south in the most rural part of Taiwan. I feel really blessed but I'm really sad to leave such an amazing Zone and area.  We were supposed to baptize two this week as well.  I'll probably try to get permission to come back for those two baptisms.  Where ever I go and no matter the situation, it's where the Lord needs me to be.  For that, I'm excited to go to NanTou and see what I can do.  

My new companion, however, is ELDER CHAN!  Do you remember him at all?  We roomed together in the MTC!  How awesome is that?  He's from England, but his dad is from Hong Kong.  He's an amazing missionary and I can't wait to get to know him better than I already do.  What an amazing tender mercy of the Lord.

This week has been great though.  Elder Ye and I finally reached that wonderful balance that comes into a companionship after you trust one another and love each other and understand each other's missionary style.  I love that feeling.  We had many lessons this week and many other successes.  If you don't love your companion more than yourself, you don't baptize.  We were supposed to baptize two this week, so I feel like it's an indication of our mutual understanding.  It was just a great week of many successes.

Also, we exchanged with the Assistants.  Talk about two wonderful missionaries.  I exchanged with Elder Allen who is beyond great.  He loves the work of the Lord and he is just one of those missionaries that I've looked up to since I've come out.  He leaves in two weeks which is terrible in many ways, but that day comes to every missionary.  I love him so much and to proselyte with him one last time was exhilarating.  He will definitely go places in the church and in life.  I love his testimony.  He has a wonderful fire about him.

I went to the temple to see the CAI Family get sealed for time and all eternity.  Seeing a family go from not knowing God to being worthy to enter his holy house was truly inspirational.  The spirit was so strong as they made those commitments.  I love the house of the Lord.  It also made me realize that I want to get married more than anything.  I want to have an eternal family built upon righteous principles.  I WILL have Family Home Evening, daily family prayer twice a day, and daily scripture study.  These things are essential.  I will be the perfect example of a Saint so that what I say has meaning.  If I am not the perfect example of a missionary, and a disciple of Christ now, I don't have any possibilities later to do what I desire.  I will do what's hard for Jesus Christ.  I love this gospel so much. My life will be centered on its wonderful teachings.

I love you all so much.  Write when you can.  I'm thankful for such amazing parents who take care of me and love me so much.  Keep working hard at coming unto Christ.  He loves you more than I do.

- Elder Woolsey

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