Preaching the Gospel in Taiwan

Sunday, July 21, 2013

The work progressing.

Dear Mom, Dad, Eric, Belle, and Coffee,

What a great week for you, Mom! It sounds like you have been a very productive and busy bee.  I'm so happy that you got so much done and had that feeling of success that we all desire.  I love the feeling that all things are completed and completed well. Keep up that attitude of working diligently in all things.  I believe that you can hit all of the goals you set, even when working. It's all about goal setting and planning though.  Way to be miraculous.

Guess what?  I'm going to the temple this Saturday to see the family I baptized with my trainer get sealed in the Salt Lake Temple.  What a wonderful experience.  I can't wait to feel what that is like.  Seeing these people make the entire journey from no belief to the temple altar.  Too wonderful.  I have been so blessed on my mission.

We baptized last week.

President Blickenstaff is amazing.  He can command a room in a heartbeat and fill it with the spirit.  He is an amazing individual who has done amazing things with his life.  He loves the Lord more than I understand and I want more than anything to have the kind of family success that he has when I am 57.  What a great man.  He served as a Stake President for 9 years.  He is CONSTANTLY working and is honestly inspiring.  No one mission president is better than another.  They are merely different and you learn to love each one, like bishops or stake presidents.  I adore President Blickenstaff.  Honestly after two years of having doctors (President Blickenstaff is a surgeon), I'm honestly contemplating the medical field.

That movie sounds really awesome.  I'll have to see it when I return. It sounds totally appropriate.  Feel free to put it on my list of "to-sees".  I'm more than willing to watch a clean wholesome family flick.

There isn't much to report, I suppose.  My companion and I are getting along great and things couldn't be better.  I love the Lord and this gospel more than anything.  I fear that my weeks in Taizhong can be numbered on one hand.  I don't want to leave.  I love it.  But, surprisingly, I've already been here for 4+ months.  I just got a new companion who could potentially take my place and things look like I may be heading south next move call.  The last thing I want is to leave this area.  I feel like I'm totally in my element.  The growth of the church in Taiwan is rapid and incredible.  I could be a missionary forever.

I love you all so much.  Don't ever worry about me.  Just keep yourselves focused on the Lord and His gospel.  Read daily.  Pray daily. Go to church weekly.  Obey the basic commandments.  You will never be led astray.  Please do these things.

- Elder Woolsey

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