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Monday, July 1, 2013


Dear Mom, Dad, Eric, Belle, and Coffee,

In a matter of hours my companion will be entering the TaoYuan airport and boarding a plane that will take him back to his loving family.  It's a new move call and a time for change once again.  The rest of my senior companions are heading home to begin their lives.  My companion has been telling me for three months all of the things he plans to go do when he returns home and I am surrounded by non-missionary life on all sides.  It's mentally straining to be certain, but I've come to realize something from all of it: I have become resilient.  I don't know whether I have always been firm in obedience and diligence or whether it has been developed on my mission, but I now know that I WILL be obedient and I WILL work as hard as I can no matter what.  I know why I'm here and I will not "lean unto [my] own understanding."  The Lord is my King and I know my purpose.  I will not falter, but will persevere in all things.  I can't wait to start a family of my own -- one that is built solidly upon the principles of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  I will read with my family daily out of the scriptures, I will have family home evening every Monday night, and I will pray twice a day as a family.  These things will build a barrier of eternal protection against the horrible temptations of the world.  President Bishop told Elder Croft to make sure he does these things because no matter how much you want them to be, THEY WILL NEVER BE CONVENIENT.  You must prioritize and you must do them.  I feel like all principles in the church are like this.  Church, Sabbath observance, tithing, the Word of Wisdom, and all other commandments are INCONVENIENT, but they must be obeyed if we want the blessings that they bring.  I want an eternal family (children serving missions, a temple marriage, and worthy to be a servant of the Lord).  This is what I want and I must change now in order to be remotely prepared for that time.  I must change.  My time is short and I can't imagine accomplishing the change that still needs to happen, but I will do all I can.

Tell BYU I will be returning on January 6th.

Elder Croft and I baptized yesterday.

President Blickenstaff comes on on Friday.  I don't know how to feel.  I will miss President Bishop so much, but he doesn't want to be the special Mission President and he doesn't want to be better or worse than President Blickenstaff.  He's so noble and righteous.  It will be a huge change at any rate.

How was World War Z?  There wasn't much in the way of analysis of it in that email.  Any good?  How are these movies coming out?  They seem like an eternity away.  They're so strange to me now.  So alien.  These new missionaries come on and talk of the Hobbit and The Dark Knight Rises as relics and to me it's newer than new.

I got your package, but I never purchased any clothes or food or anything.  I'll think about it.  There's no point in buying clothes now though because I will just be getting rid of them again once I get home.  I feel like that's a bad idea.  I should just wear them until the end.  It will be much better for money's sake.  Granted, everything is cheap in Taiwan.  Actually, I wanted to run an idea by you.  In Taiwan, you can get hand-crafted, tailored exactly to your body shape suits that are incredibly attractive for about 4000-9000NT which is about $130-300 USD.  I don't know how that compares to a normal suit, but what do you think about it?  If I did something like that at the end of my mission for example, what would you think? I just wanted to run that by you.  I 'm not thinking about it too much, but I just saw an incredible one that a missionary just bought.  It is really nice and from what they say it's cheap.  I don't know if that really is or not though.  They are honestly like Super Star Suits.  They construct them according to your body shape, etc.  Not just tailor a premade suit.  They make it for you.  Super cool.

I love you all so much.  I'm getting my new companion here shortly.  He is Taiwanese.  My first Taiwanese companion.  His name is Ye Wei Hao.  He is was finishing his training as I was beginning to be trained so we have known each other for a while.  It should be a lot of fun.  Keep working hard.  I'm fine here and I will not let up.

- Elder Woolsey

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