Preaching the Gospel in Taiwan

Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Resurrection of NanTou

Dear Mom, Dad, Eric, Belle, and Coffee,

I hope you all didn't feel too bad that I didn't get your email.  It was honestly OK.  I was curious how you all were doing and I worried that something happened, but it's OK.  Don't worry about me too much!  I'm still alive!

I have a ton of questions and things to respond to, so I will kind of do this quickly and hopefully it won't come out too rough.  I got the contacts sent a long time ago.  They are fantastic. 

The new book that mom is reading sounds fascinating.  I am really curious to how it is, because the idea sounds kind of poor, but if it's well written, perhaps it could be alright.  I can't wait to read when I return.

I would like to take 18 credits when I return if possible.  Please talk to a councilor ASAP in order to find the appropriate classes I need.  I think I can take a large load and handle it adequately.  Please tell BYU that I'm returning at that time NOW.  We need to ensure that things are prepared and we don't miss ANY deadlines.  It's getting to crunch time and things need to be established so I know roughly what to prepare for going forward.  Please tell me how it goes next week.

The dogs went rogue on you all?  Well, I'm glad they made a safe return home and they didn't get shoveled off to another home.  I expect to see them when I return. 

Basketball sounds amazing.  Members and investigators would update me often about the NBA finals a month or two ago.  It was frustrating a bit.  Even on your mission, a lot of news still manages to reach your ears.

I can't wait to go hiking, Mom.  I've thought about that before.  It sounds awesome!  I will go in a heartbeat.  My liking for all things has changed dramatically on my mission.  I'm willing to do whatever, whenever and where ever.  I can't wait to try tons of new things.

Hey, is milk bad for your body?  Tons of Taiwanese don't drink it and say it's bad, but I don't have enough information to say otherwise.

My new area is amazing.  It is gorgeous.  It is in the mountains of Taiwan in the most rural of places. It rains constantly and the people are much fewer than the busy, congested streets of TaiZhong, but success will come.  There is work to be done.  I can't wait to do it with my new, amazing companion, Elder Chan. He's seriously fantastic.

I hope that Denise is fine.  I'll pray for her.  The Tetons sound gorgeous though. 

BYU tickets sound like a great idea.  Go Cougs!

I don't have much to report.  I got ridiculously sunburned this week from being outside for so long.  We ride our bikes up big hills and over long distances again and I have to readjust.  I can't wait to see success soon though.  This area is golden. This work is hastening.  The Lord is at its head.  I love this gospel.

- Elder Woolsey

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