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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Craziness to be sure.

Dear Mom, Dad, Eric, Belle, and Coffee,

This week has been insane.  I've moved again.  So three weeks ago, trainers were announced for the upcoming move call.  I was not among these names.  Instead, I was sitting in wait for movecall not certain where I would be moved, but knowing that I likely would be.  Well, the last week of move call comes and I get a call from President Blickenstaff giving me another "special assignment."  He told me that he had changed some plans.  Apparently he went to Hong Kong, and when he returned, he came back with a vision of turning the last district in our mission into a stake....BY MARCH!  How crazy is that.  In order to do so we need some 20 odd active, tithe paying, Melchezidek Priesthood holders.  Instead of the original plan, I was asked to white wash train into the city center of this district.  This means, that the former two missionaries were moved out and I and a brand new missionary were moved in having never been in the area before.  We have records, but nothing else.  Also, in the outskirts of the area, my friend Elder Erickson, was asked to do the same thing (an amazing missionary).  Aside from all of this, the zone is receiving added support from many other missionaries as well.  In short, President Blickenstaff changed everyone's original plan and stacked the JiaYi Zone in order to turn it into a stake by March.  He has a vision and he plans to achieve it. 

My new missionary's name is Elder Brinley.  What a fireball!  When we were put together, President Blickenstaff told me "I gave you a gem" and boy did he!  When I'm done with this kid (yes, he's only eighteen), he will be the best missionary in this mission, I tell you that much.  He was born in England, lived in Japan for five years, lived in Holland for a year, and has lived in Texas for the last several years.  He loves the gospel like you wouldn't believe and he is working diligently to give his all to ther Lord.  Super impressive.  His dad is an international lawyer for Shell Oil Company and subsequently travels a lot.  He comes from a long line of active Mormons and loves to be a missionary.  I see why he was put with me to do President Blickenstaff's task of whitewashing the JiaYi area.  We're going to tear it up.  He does everything I tell him to do (in a good way).  He'll be a legend for sure.

Schooling.  Just pick?  Whew...I wish I had the slightest inclination of what I desire to pursue.  I honestly don't know.  Law sounds wonderful, especially after talking with my current companion.  I love to write, but I don't see myself teaching English or doing journalism.  I wouldn't mind being some kind of surgeon or general physician.  Also, owning a powerhouse business sounds great as well.  I want to do something that is going to be brutally difficult, but incredibly rewarding in terms of personal satisfaction and money.  I also wouldn't mind wearing a suit all of the time.  I honestly can't pick very well, that's why I'm seeking counsel from you all.  I want to get a business degree, but not as the main focus.  I want to get my MBA later.  I wouldn't mind owning my own firm or being a doctor of some sort. I'm committed, I just don't know where to fire.  I'm really trying to think, but I can't focus too much on this when my mind is on this District becoming a Stake before March.

Woah.  I had no idea that Dad did THAT well in LOTOJA.  I guess you're just too humble, Dad.  I'm super impressed. by your dedication to cycling.  I definitely want to find something and make it my passion like that.  It just proves how you can achieve anything through the Lord and focusing on it.  You truly are amazing.  Go out, and beat it next year then. 

Italy sounds like a paradise.  I can't wait to see tons and tons of pictures from it all.  I love the idea of traveling and seeing the world in the coming years of my life.  I want to be well cultured and well understanding of other peoples and their history.  I think it's important to stave off ignorance in all forms. 

Mom, I'm doing fantastic.  I couldn't be happier than I am right now.  I am eating well, but if you would like to send some treats this way, I wouldn't send them back.  I don't need a thing, but a nice hand written letter from all three of you.

Oh yes.  So I got a call from our Mission Secretary and apparently the return date for those who wish to attend the Winter Semester has been changed to December 27th to provide more time. Don't get too excited yet.  I asked her to double check on it and some other things for me to make sure I don't plan incorrectly, but you could be seeing your little baby even earlier than you think.  I can't practically hear mom's squeel.  I love you all so much, and I will likely have a definitive answer on the exact release time next week.  If there are any thoughts on that, please tell me.  I don't know if she had all of her information right.  I'm still waiting for her to call me back.  We'll know then.

Maybe state my major as something law related for right now (it would involve me taking some basic writing classes I presume), and then I suppose i can always change it later if needs be.  I will keep praying about it, but this sounds like an appropriate direction for the time being.  I can take some writing classes while exploring the law side of things at the same time.  If I hate my first semester, I will change to science/medical immediately.  It's really down to these two I suppose. I have every intention to get my MBA but that doesn't really involve my undergrad much because from the research I did before, many programs at higher end universities involve getting both a medical and business or law and business degree at the same time.  Pre-Law or something similar will be fine for now. 

I love you all so much.  Keep working hard.  I'm doing great.  I'm working as hard as I can to further the kingdom of God on earth.  Keep pressing forward, and I'll see you before you know it.

- Elder Woolsey

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