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Monday, October 14, 2013


Dear Mom, Dad, Eric, Belle, and Coffee,

The decision is made.  

I had been praying intently and fasting multiple times over the past two weeks to decide as to what I should do.  My Mission President in that same meeting repeated what you all said as a family, that returning home in December is best for my personal progression and improvement following the mission.  Jumping in at that time is the best decision.  I felt like the fact the President told me those things, bringing my mission full circle, gave me a sense of completion and resolution.  Elder Erickson asked me the other day, "...of course there's more to do in Taiwan!  But is there more for Elder Woolsey to do at this time?"  The work will not be done for a very long time, but my role at this time is coming to a close and it is my duty and responsibility to begin preparing for the Lord to use me in other roles and tasks to build his church in other ways.  I have every intention of being a tool forever in the hands of the Lord.  This being said, I need to get started. 

I have decided to come home on December 27th in order to prepare for the upcoming semester and not extending into February   I know this is a big decision, but unless I have a prompting to the contrary, or my Mission President does, or you all do, expect me at this time.  I have already submitted the date for application through the mission secretary and it sounds like this is what's going to happen.  I've put a lot of thought into it and I just want to do what's right.  Why wouldn't I listen to the wise words of both my family and my mission president?  Disregarding their counsel would be inappropriate.

Now, it's your turn.  What do you all thing of this decision?  Do you have any negative feelings about it?  What about the rest of my monologue?  How much of a miracle is that!  The Lord knows what we are all meant to be and I intend to do whatever it takes to fulfill my role that he has created for me.  I would love your response in the next email.  If I'm not mistaken, you should all be home by that point in order to reply.  I know that Mom's prefect vacation likely just got even better, and Eric is probably more than excited, but please keep me posted on thoughts, etc.

I can't believe you all are in Europe.  It sounds like your trip is more than overdue considering how hard you've all worked in jobs, etc.  I've been praying and fasting for you all.  I hope that everything works out well.  I can't wait until a massive temple is built there.  What a wonderful sight!

I love Taiwan.  I love you all.  I love being a missionary and I love serving God.  I may not have fully picked a major or my exact course in life on my mission, but I know without a shadow of a doubt that I will get straight A's in college, I will attend a high level secondary education institution and I will serve the Lord for the rest of my life.  That's what I want more than anything.  

Please declare my major as something Law related and sign me up for classes immediately, please.  If this major doesn't work out, I'll change it early in the process.  I think I want to do law and business together.
Thank you all for your patience.  I love you all so much.  I am working hard and won't give up, so don't worry about me too much.  Keep me posted on anything that I need to know in preparation for returning home, also please ask anything you need to know for school, or anything else.

- Elder Woolsey

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