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Monday, September 24, 2012

Fortuitous Prospects

Dear Mom, Dad, and Eric

Thank you so much for emailing me.  I know Mom and Dad are busy having fun in Europe, but any communication is welcome.  It sounds like Europe is everything that television makes it out to be.  I would love to see the art and things of that nature.  I hope that someday I will have the opportunity to go there.  It sounds both intellectually as well as emotionally stimulating.  One thing that I've realized however is that almost where ever you go, some people will speak at least a little English.  The Taiwanese are the same, but sometimes their English is nigh impossible to understand.  I've grown accustomed to hearing and deciphering it so it doesn't bother me, but I imagine that when you all come back you'll have trouble (the Taiwanese will muster all of their ability to communicate with you in English).

This week wasn't the most exciting.  Not a lot happened.  This week that begins today is the last week of the move call.  Apparently a lot of missionaries are coming on island so a lot of the missionaries here are trying to predict what happens.  This is known as "MOVECALL MADNESS (I'm guessing you can guess where the name comes from)." 

I was reflecting this last week upon what I've become and what I'm striving to become.  I received a wonderful letter from Elder Apsley that allowed me the opportunity to reflect on these things.  I realized not only that I haven't been working hard enough, but that prior to my mission, I didn't seize the opportunities given to me as much as I should and I acted in ways that are contrary to my current method of thinking.  This is mostly directed at Dad, but when I return I want to learn a lot of things I took for granted and didn't care much about.  I need to be proficient at fixing the basic car maintenance malfunctions.  I also need to be more proficient in lawn care and meal preparation.  I would really like to have you teach me these things when I return so that when I begin my family someday, I can be ready.

Apparently there's a great story about Mitt Romney while he was on his mission.  You should look it up for me.

I apologize for not having the most to say this week.  I can't think of anything that exciting to share.  I miss and love you all.

- Elder Woolsey

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