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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Baptisms Never Get Old

Dear Mom, Dad, Eric, and Belle

It must be nice to have only had to wait four days for a new email. I don't have a ton more to add I suppose, but I can respond to your email and add my thoughts and such.

I did have one really interesting thought however. From what I understand, you can request the patriarchal blessing of deceased persons in your family line. I would love a copy of Grandma Woolsey's patriarchal blessing. I would also be curious as to whether or not it would be possible to obtain a copy of John D. Lee's patriarchal blessing. I don't know who else's we don't have, but I thought I would relay the information.

Thank you for placing money in my account. While I don't have many intentions of splurging money, there are a few things that I do need to do if that would be alright. These things include taking my ridiculously baggy pants in and fixing my quickly dilapidated bicycle (all repairs of which are to be purchased with individual money). I've already had to replace the handlebars and the pedals because they've broken (my pedal snapped off while I was riding home two days ago, not so much fun). My bike is rusted in many areas from the acid rain that never quite seems to subside here. I would also like to purchase a gear guard to prevent my pants getting caught in the chain (or you could send that thing that Brother Horton gave me before I left that I forgot). I need to replace my light and brakes as well (they don't work very well and have a sort of screeching noise when I hit them). I bought some cleaning materials for the chain in my previous area, but there's little to no time to clean the chain on a typical day. I don't know. Any advice? The weather and miles we put on the bikes really takes a toll. You should see people with "16-move call bikes" (people who are about to go home). They're a nightmare. Mine is only four move-calls old.

I would suggest reading "Dear are the Sheep Who Have Wandered" by President Faust in April 2003.

Thank you so much for sending me a package. They're like a mini Christmas for missionaries. I know they're expensive so don't do them if they're an inconvenience. Also, don't feel forced to put money in with things all the time. I'm able to live. I love your care and kindness though. You are too nice to your missionary.

Every now and then I have a thought or two of what I would share in a homecoming address. I kind of hope that I don't get assigned a topic. There are a lot of trunky people in the mission that I'm serving around right now. I'm trying not to let it get to me.

I completely forgot about football until last week. Go Devils! Go Cougs! I miss football and season tickets to BYU with my friends. That was so much fun last season. I'll take greater advantage of it next year now that I have greater perspective on how to live life. I'll tell you right now, it doesn't involve THAT MUCH video games, movies, television, and sitting around in cars or what not (probably don't want to put that on the blog). I plan on returning and living life to its fullest. Studying hard, playing hard, working hard, serving well, magnifying my calling. If I'm sitting, it will have purpose. I never realized what it meant to be a man or what it meant to utilize my time before my mission. I imagine that over the course of the next year and a half, that knowledge will crystallize and expand as well.

Thank you all for your support to me. You encourage me more than you know. I can't wait till I can share my experiences with you more in full. Showing you all my pictures and sharing my commentary. I don't want to be an annoying missionary when I return, but I would be lying if I said that I don't want to share every moment of my experiences with you all. This gospel is true. It's from God. This is the ONLY true church. It is the ONLY way to eternal happiness. Share it with a friend! Scream it from the rooftops! This last week, a couple different times, I shouted HUIGAI at people on the streets. Huigai means repent. It sounds ridiculous, but this is the way it needs to be done. We are to "warn [our] neighbors" because we have been warned. This is so much bigger than I ever thought. Please share the reason for the hope that is within you (Peter 6:4)...that reference may be incorrect).

Keep it up.

Elder Woolsey

P.S. 2 Nephi 22:2-6

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