Preaching the Gospel in Taiwan

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

This Other Side of Heaven

Dear Mom, Dad, and Eric,

I don't have much time to write today.  In fact I have eleven minutes to be exact so I'm pretty much going to throw information at you for the time being and answer your questions first:

1. The bakeries are delicious...sometimes.  They have tons of yummy foods.  Elder Haag and I didn't eat there much, but my new companion loves breads and those kinds of things.  He eats quite a bit so we go to those kinds of places a lot more.
2. Do we have golden investigators?  Yes, right now we have probably four you could say.  One is hard to meet with because he goes out of town to work for weeks at a time (out of our area).  One has a broken back and can't really come to church and thinks that she can't be baptized.  One is her son.  And another is this girl we got from a referral.  She's twenty years old and progressing toward baptism without problem.  She's even talking about serving a mission.  We still haven't shared all of the commandments with her yet, so we'll see how this week goes.  If our lessons go smoothly, then she can have an interview this week.
3.  Is the food still good?  Absolutely.  The fruit and rice and noodles are all delicious, but my new companion doesn't really like to eat a the really authentic (and cheaper) places that much.  He prefers 7/11 and other similar places (which are incredibly popular here).  It's not bad, it's just not my favorite and it's more expensive.
4. I have xiguan (gotten used to) the heat.  I don't mind being sweaty really at all unless I'm wearing my suit.  It's fine here.  I'm getting tanner and still losing weight and gaining muscle.
5.  That actually leads into the next question nicely.  My ability to ride a bike and my overall fitness is improving tenfold.  We don't have a ton of hills or mountains to climb so I imagine that will be difficult when I return, but I would love to bike a little bit and try it out when I get home.  We wear our church clothes and have boxes full of our proselyting materials attached to the back of our bikes to weigh us down.  Sometimes I imagine wearing biking gear and having a light-weight Pinarello (or however you spell it) and it sounds really relaxing.  Ironically, I love to ride my bike.
6. What do I miss about home?  Sometimes, when I think about it (which I not only don't do much but don't like doing) I miss belle.  I miss all of the free food (when I don't have to budget and the drinks and food are delicious and endless).  Sometimes I miss resting (which is probably sinful).  I don't know.  I mostly miss family.  I miss having free time a little bit, but I'm starting to set so many goals.  I don't want to have any free time when I get back unless it's being used for dating or talking with you all.
7.  The people, for the most part, are really really kind.  Contacting, they're not the nicest, but once you sit them down, they're wonderful.   They're not profane like Americans, but the do have a ton of word of wisdom problems.  They're beautiful people and all are willing to feed you and be kind to you.
8.  Is Taiwan safe?  The roads are much safer than they look.  They're terrifying at first, but I"m used to it.  The streets are safe.  Guns are illegal.  Don't worry, mom.

-Elder Woolsey

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