Preaching the Gospel in Taiwan

Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Dajia hao.

I have eight minutes to write this week so I apologize for the brief nature of the email.  Most of this email will be in response to yours.  I don't have time because today I got a new companion, Elder White.  Elder Haag became Zone Leader in Zhanghua and I'm still in Shalu.  It was an incredible experience to work with such a devoted, dedicated, prepared missionary.  He was an incredible example of love, diligence, hard-work, and all-around excellence.  He sought to do his very best and he succeeded.

Elder White seems great.  I haven't been with him for very long (a few hours only) so I will report more in detail on this next week.

I'll answer your questions mainly, but I honestly have little to no time.  In terms of women versus men, I would say that there are definitely more women.  The women here are so pure and accepting.  I honestly believe that women have a divine spirit and nature that is not found in men.  They're a miracle.  The problem in this area is finding families to baptize and completing other families.  There are very few complete families.  They are a commodity.  My testimony and love for family has sky-rocketed since coming here.  Utah is a blessed place to live.

The language is progressing well.  I feel like things are going nicely.  I'm still learning and still improving.  It's impossible to be finished.

The reports on missionary work are fascinating.  Keep me posted on those.  I'm definitely excited for my opportunity to report someday.  I want to be able to say that I did all that I could do to help the people here.

Anyway, time's up.  I'll write more next week.  I love you more than you know.

- Elder Woolsey

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