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Monday, July 16, 2012

Moving in peanut butter.

Dajia hao!

I'll begin by responding to your email again. My companion is great.  He really is trying to do his best. He's very different from Elder Haag, but he's good.

I'm so happy that you invited the missionaries over for dinner. I bet they were appreciative. What was the spirit they brought? Did share a message with you?  Do you feel spiritually strengthened? Did they ask for a referral? If not, they did not accomplish their purpose and possibly wasted their time, your time, and the Lord's time. You probably don't want to post that online, but it's truth. I hope that they did. That's the purpose of visiting someone.

This whole foods place sounds really delicious. I appreciate that package that you sent me by the way. There's so much candy that it's not even funny. It's delicious, but there is a ton. I'm going to get fat. I feel like an animal eating all of that stuff actually. I get a craving for it when I get home now and it bothers me. It's super yummy, but it's scary at the same time. Thank you so much. I appreciate that you thought of me that much. I feel bad that you had to spend so much on a package for me. Don't feel obligated to do that. It's seriously OK.

I can't believe Tyler leaves here shortly. That's crazy. He'll do very well I bet, but it's still crazy. Nate having been out for about ten months is also intimidating. I've almost been out for six. This mission is flying by and I don't like it. I'm trying to use every waking moment to either spread the gospel or improve myself. I can't change fast enough. I can't improve the way that I want to improve. I just want to come back the man that the Lord needs me to be.

Justin Eldredge getting married is incredibly scary. I can't believe that he's getting married so soon. And to Brooke Romney! Wow! I graduated with her! That's so crazy. Life is definitely still moving even though I'm not there.

Girl's camp will be fun. Don't stress, Mom. Also, did you like the Batman thing? I bet it was neat.

With regards to politics. I think Condoleeza Rice would be an incredible candidate. I bet mom is all over that as well. She's a powerful woman with a lot to offer.

 I wrote a talk that I may have to give in Zone Conference tomorrow and I'm going to use the biking analogy you gave me when I left to describe diligence. I hope I get to speak!

Jeremy Lin is HUGE here. Thank you for telling me about him. It helps me understand a little bit more.

This week we have a duan chuan which basically means a Taiwanese member who will join our companionship for about a week. He'll see what real mission life is like and prepare for his personal mission. He's really nice. His name is Xu Zhanglao. He's really shy and quiet, but he's very kind and appreciative. I hope he can feel the spirit and desire to work.

On Monday, we helped the bishop move. Moving here is ridiculous. Because all of the homes here are little rooms stacked on top of each other, we have to rope furniture up through windows. Don't worry, I'll send a picture. It's crazy. Aside from those things, nothing too new is happening.

We are teaching a Shi Dixiong. He is incredible. He really loved church and wants to be baptized. He's only worried about his family not approving. We have so many incredible investigators and stories that unfortunately I don't have time to tell you right now.

So if you get the chance, I would love family pictures. The Taiwanese love them.

I love you all and hope everyone and everything is going well. Thank you for the love and support. Please read your scriptures daily and work to improve yourselves. I love your example and love that I've felt.� I'll try to write a letter today.

- Elder Woolsey

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