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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Wet shoes and big muscles

Dear Mom, Dad, Eric, Belle, and Coffee,

I love you all so much.  Thank you all for being so supportive of me.  I love hearing from you all.  It's like hearing a beautiful song from your past, it just makes you feel warm and at peace.  Thank you so much for expressing your loving thoughts to me.  It never gets old.  I love that you all are happy that your testimonies have flourished with me over the past year or so. 


1. Do we ever use chopsticks?  I am using them as I write this email.  We use chopsticks every single day.  With regards on the comment about metal chopsticks, we frequently use metal chopsticks.  In fact, we likely use metal chopsticks more than plastic and wood chopsticks.  That all being said, wood are the easiest to use.  Also, with regards to Korea, we often eat Korean food here and the chopsticks are dramatically different than the typical metal chopstick.  Are they the only country that uses them?  No.  Are they special?  Yes.  They are typically much longer with a flat end.  Is that what you experienced?

2.  Where is my companion from?  Fruit Heights, Utah.  He's great though.

3.  When is my Mission President leaving?  July 1, 2013.  Yes, I will be more than sad.  During our mission tour by the mission area presidency, he said that sometimes missionaries aren't sent to an area or mission for the area, but for the mission president.  Our mission presidents were pre-ordained and destined to be with us to help us along on this challenging but incredibly rewarding portion of our lives.  I love him and I hope that I will be able to associate with him after the mission.

My new companion and I are working really hard to be healthy and to baptize.  We are overcoming all potential challenges and becoming great plans.  I love him, he's a great example of a good friend.  He just loves people and wants to be best friends with all of his companions.

I'm really looking forward to conference.  It should be a wonderful time to learn and grow.  I know that there's only one Priesthood Session left.  The time is moving too fast and it makes me want to cry.  I almost tear up just thinking about it.  I feel like I can't keep up with the pace of the world around me.  I just want to soak in each moment and I can't.  The days fly off of the calendar when all I want to do is stand still and feel the joy of an investigator, the excitement of a baptism, the peace of our mission president's words.  I want to stay forever. 

It has been ridiculously rainy this last week.  My companion and I got soaked to the bone the other night.  We were caught in the rain with no rain clothes and we were drenched from head to foot.  It was a lot of fun, but a little inconvenient for missionary work.  That didn't stop us, but there were definitely less people on the road than I would have hoped there would be.  When it rains in Taiwan it rains buckets.  I love it, however.  The rain is refreshing.  It sounds like Utah is wonderful.  I am not looking forward to snow and dry come next January.  That sounds positively miserable to me.  I'm also excited to talk to you all.  I can't wait to hear how everyone is doing and see your lovely faces again.  What a wonderful time.

Thank you all for loving and supporting me.  I want to share two quick experiences: one amazing, one funny.

1. My companion and I began tracting in the rain the other day.  We were tracting multi-level buildings by buzzing their doorbells from the lowest level.  The doors to the buildings are locked.  We began with a prayer in which we asked to find a family.  It was a very blunt, but honest prayer.  We then began to work our way through each number.  One house opened the main door to allow us to enter.  When we went to their actually apartment door, they rejected us.  Then we decided to contact the actual apartment door of each house.  On the very top floor, we found a family in very poor conditions.  The father was noticeably drunk with cans of beer on the table and the mom was tending to four very small children, taking one to the hospital.  Well, they added and set up another date to meet with us.  It took us almost fifteen minutes after this experience to realize that the Lord had answered our prayers again.  I love this gospel.

Well, that's a brief clippet from the week.  I love you all so very much.  Keep pushing through all life's challenges and being great examples of the believers to me.  I adore this gospel and the wonderful blessings it gives to me.  I can't wait to lie my spirit down in the home of our Heavenly Father knowing that I'm worthy and did everything I could to make the most of my life.  This life is so fast and it hurts to think about it.  I will keep pressing forward, because that is what the Lord wants.  The world has so much to offer and I plan on magnifying talents, opportunities, and callings, for that is also what the Lord wants.  I love you.

- Elder Woolsey 

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