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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A rainy day and a new move call

Dear Mom, Dad, Eric, Belle, and Coffee,

I love missionary work.  We have the greatest calling in the world and I honestly love every moment of every day.  Right before we left the door this morning, it was pouring rain.  It's still pouring rain.  It's move call day.  New missionaries, new beginnings.  Each move call you can become whatever missionary you want or need to become.  I love it all.  I honestly can't describe how happy I am.  I just want to work hard, baptize, and see real growth in Taiwan.

Thank you all for loving and supporting me so much out here.  With regards to BYU and that return date, I would actually be coming home on the 31st of December unless I can find a way to extend it to as close to the previous date as possible.

My new companion just got in.  His name is Elder Croft.  He's incredibly great.  He's five or more inches taller than I am and incredibly strong.  He's going home here shortly, but it likely won't affect the work in any negative way.  He's really great.  He really wants to do a good job.  I'm super excited to be his companion and see how we can learn from one another.  We have some great plans that we want to carry out.

I'm glad that the weather is getting better for you.  It's raining all the time right now.  It's not anywhere near Typhoon season, but you get soaked really fast when it suddenly begins raining while riding your bike.  It's a lot of fun though.  The season is slowly shifting to what it was when I was here last.  Taiwan is the best.

That's great that you got to go to Korea.  My companion for the last three days is Korean.  He's a really awesome guy who speaks many languages fluently: English, Korean, Chinese, and some Thai.  A really wonderful missionary that will do wonders on his mission.  I love meeting so many different missionaries and seeing how they grow and develop into mature, hard-working adults.  It's shocking how people change.  In fact, I had a really strange experience.  Because this Korean Elder, Elder Kim, wanted to see his baptisms in Shalu (my first area), we got permission to go back there.  When I walked in, everyone said that I had changed A TON.  It was a strange fore vision of returning home I believe.  They said that I had grown up a lot. 

I hope that the family in Arizona is doing well.  I hope that everyone can see the power of the Gospel and the change it can bring in the lives of those that are willing to accept it.  It's a wonderful feeling knowing that our family changed because of the gospel and that we can bring this life changing message to others as well.  I love it.  I think that Savannah will serve a mission, especially considering they can come younger. 

Being in Taizhong has its perks.  All of the new missionaries stay their first night with us.  We get to see all the fresh faces.  The fascinating thing however, is that we met the 18 year old elders who were surprisingly mature.  I was impressed.  We saw the 19 year old sisters later in the day as well.  It's wonderful that a new armada of missionaries is coming to the field.  There are tons of wonderful missionaries that are coming on at this time when previously the opportunity was more difficult to select.  I love seeing such a force.  Our mission is being flooded with sisters actually.  It's fun taking them all running their first two mornings and seeing how they do.  It's fun to see the fire in some of their eyes.

Easter in Taiwan?  There is no Easter.  We didn't do anything.  It barely got a mention at church.

My goals for the last few months?  Sprint to the finish.  I want to help Taizhong Zone reach its full potential.  I want to help as many missionaries as possible have a pleasant experience on their missions.  I also want to baptize many souls.  I want to do everything I can to develop my Christ-like Attributes as much as possible and to set goals for coming home.  I just want to give the Lord everything.

Emails?  Only one.  Elder Skyler Bennett wrote me and it was fantastic.  He's such a good missionary I bet.  He's a hardworking person who has a sincere desire to serve the Lord.  He's training right now and apparently loving it.  I can't wait to see how my friends have improved when we return.  What a great Elder!


I love you all so much. I'm working as hard as I can.  Don't worry about me too much.  Keep doing what you need to obey the Lord's commandments.

- Elder Woolsey

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