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Thursday, January 3, 2013

A Melancholy Christmas of Miracles

Dear Mom, Dad, Eric, Belle, and Ewok (my name for him),
That title better not get any longer by the time I get home.  More than five names and I might have to start dropping names off...probably Eric first.  

This was quite the week for me and Elder Magnuson.  We had many
many incredible miracles that really helped me know for a fact that the Lord not only answers prayers but protects His missionaries from danger and injustices.  

A long-term investigator finally determined that he desires baptism which was very exciting.  More news on that next week probably.

I'm so happy that you all had a wonderful Christmas.  It sounds like some of those presents will bring a lot of excitement and pleasure.  I entreat you all to not forget those who are in need!  There are some that require your service even now that Christmas is over and I encourage you all to continue to find ways that you can serve the poor and needy!

Christmas was hard for me, but I feel like "I get it" now.  

The new dog looks like and
Ewok or a Wookie.  I vote one of those two names.  Coffee is too...telestial for my taste (pun likely intended).  He's super cute though.  He looks so tiny compared to Belle which is saying something!

I'm happy that you all enjoyed the package.  It wasn't much, but I hope it was a little something that you all could enjoy.  The pictures get more and more becoming of me as I get more mature in mission terms.  Some of the earlier ones are likely painful to look at I would imagine.  I always loved pictures from Eric, so I bet that's the best part.

I can't believe that Nate comes home that early.  It's almost here.  I can't quite wrap my mind around it.  Time is going at warp speed. I nearly cry every time that I read that scripture in Jacob.  I always feel as though my time here has never been long enough.  I only have 9 more move-calls.  That's nothing.  I'm all but half way.  Count downs go so much faster than count ups.  I fear going home.  I don't think I've changed enough.  I'm not a man yet.  I'm not a leader yet.  My testimony's not strong enough.  I feel like I should feel more accomplished, but I feel inadequate.  I'm afraid to show myself in fear that the finished product isn't worthwhile.  I tell you right now, though, I am going to do everything within my power to improve before I get back.  I need to change.  I must "wage an all out war against Satan."

Football sounds great and so does basketball.  An investigator recently gave me a huge poster of Steve Nash in a Lakers jersey.  Although it triggers my gag reflex, I sure do love Steve Nash.

I don't know if I have a lot more to say, but I love you all.  Thank you for doing everything you could to make my Christmas the best it could be.  I'll send some pictures through email next week.  I forgot my cord this week.  I'm thankful for your lovely examples and firmness in the truth.  Keep doing your best and never let up.  I love you all so very much.  Don't miss me.  I'll be there too soon.

- Elder Woolsey

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