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Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Dear Mom, Dad, and Eric,

I'm glad that your email was short, because I actually have things to say. 

I would like to start with an investigator that I have that has the faith to move mountains.  She is incredible.  I've told you about her before, but I would like to tell you again.  She was in a very serious...incident, in which she broke her foot and her back terribly.  According to the doctor, it will be a year before she can proceed to normal behaviors fully. I guess this was enough to humble her to the point in which she can be receptive to the gospel because she sure has taken to it.  She has read through the entire Book of Mormon, she has told us that she wants to be baptized and her kids to be baptized, she wakes them up daily to pray with them.  She loves the Gospel.  She comes to church even though the pain in her back is nearly entirely overwhelming.  She is in the process of teaching her children the gospel and the only things that stand in her way from baptism is possibly her husband and her physical incapability of entering the water for baptism.  I know that as we all do our best to obey the word of the Lord we can be like her.  As of recently, according to the doctor, she is progressing (physically) faster than anyone he has ever seen before.  She should be in working condition by October.  Is this a miracle?  You tell me.  Three months sure beats a year if you ask me.

Also, I've moved.  I'm no longer companions with Elder White as he just went trainer, but am now companions with Elder Fiala from Virginia.  He's great.  He's extremely humble and kind.  He really is just incredibly nice.  I already know that we are going to get along well.  Ask questions about him next email and I will answer them!  I also am now in Yuanlin which is about an hour south by car on the freeway.  A wonderful inactive member offered to drive me (because he said that he saw my effort in trying to improve his life even though he said it wasn't for him anymore) all the way from Shalu to Yuanlin.  Needless to say, it saved me from an hour long bus ride and an hour long train ride and a half hour walk to where we live now.  I also didn't have to pay to have my stuff moved.  It was a miracle to be sure because no one told him that I was moving, he just happened to call.  I'm so excited for what will happen here in this new place.  There's tons of potential for progression. Also, today, I was taken out to eat at a multi-course, very expensive restaurant by a wonderfully nice, very old, recent convert (which is rare) that Elder Fiala and I don't really know.  The Lord is watching out for me.

I've moved from the rural areas of the suburbs of Taizhong City to the very real city of Yuanlin.  I love the rush of a city and the huge amounts of people busling about to and fro.  Elder Taylor moved to.  Move calls are very interesting to missionaries and it's difficult to describe. 

With regards to the Typhoon, I am always going to go out in it unless the Mission President tells me otherwise.  Don't fear for me.  The Lord will protect me as long as I don't do anything intentionally stupid.
 I'm sad that I missed the Olympics because I hear about them a lot here.  They sound like a lot of fun and healthy competition.  I'm glad that America did well...I think.
We have all been endowed with divine potential having been born spiritually of God and then been supplied with an added, yet infinite, measure of power from our Savior Jesus Christ's atonement.  We can do anything and improve infinitely.  I pray that you will fulfill this potential, even if it seems like a small thing...or a big thing.

I want you all to know that I'm always safe and that I'm always happy.  Sometimes I miss you all too, but I try not to.  It's hard when I think about home.  Luckily today is too crazy to have the chance to do so.  I love you more than you can ever know and I hope that you will all seek to be the best you can be daily.  Read scriptures!  Pray!  Go to church!  Magnify your calling!  I'm going to work so hard when I return.  I can't wait for the day that I see you all again.

-Elder Woolsey

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