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Monday, April 16, 2012

Drunkards, Baptisms, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Dajia hao!!

HELLO HELLO!!  How is everyone??  I unfortunately don't have loads of time due to the Zone activity that we had today, but I'll get to that in a bit, because it was tai hao le!  I'll begin again by answering your email and such.

My companion is from California.  He's awesome!  He really is working hard to be a great missionaries and he loves the Lord.  He's a great example and he loves me and this gospel so much that his goal is to make me a better missionary than he is.  That's so selfless!  Especially considering that he's so good already!  I'm jealous of spring.  It's raining right now.  I've gotten a little sunburned as well.  It's SOOO HOT!  Sometimes, it's even night time, and I'm literally soaked with sweat.  

The food is good if you get the right thing.  I've eaten loads of duck and other things.  Asparagus juice is gross by the way.  The mian (noodles) is awesome!  It's my favorite right now.  I have eaten at Mcdonalds already, but it's a funny story.  So we contacted this guy and his girlfriend and asked if we could join them for dinner to discuss our religion.  We ended up going to McDonalds, and while we were ordering their food, they LITERALLY ran out the door.  It was hilarious, but sad.  My companion bought apple pies for everyone too, so he was stuck with four apple pies.  HAHAHA!  Sad, but funny.  My butt and legs always hurt, but I'm getting used to it.  We ride a ton.  Some days we ride....I don't know how far, but at least 50 miles.  It's kinda nuts.  I would LOVE AMERICAN FOODS AND SNACKS in the care package and a FAMILY PHOTO (PLEASE LAMINATE IT), and anything else you wish to send.  DO NOT SEND BEEF JERKEY, NUTS, or PLANTS of ANYKIND.  They won't get through customs!  Snacks and things are fine!  So no nuts or jerky.  The stuff can have nuts in it probably, but no packaged nuts.  The language is going surprisingly well.  I can ting de dong a lot of what is said, but it's still hard to speak sometimes and say what i want to say.  I can now turn on my Chinese brain, but it's limited if that makes sense.  Translating from English to Chinese produces better Chinese, but it's depending on the situation, I can speak better Chinese or simple fast Chinese.  Contacting I need the latter.  Lessons are often the earlier.  I just need to keep studying!  I've almost passed off the first part of Phase 1 (which is a language study thing) which is good.  Most people don't finish in the first move call, but I'm really trying to do that!  The ward is pretty good.  We get about 90ish a week.  There's only one ward in the building, but the meeting houses are HUGE and REALLY NICE.  Like zhende.  Our numbers are down, and we need to raise them.  We couldn't get ANYONE of our recent converts, investigators, or less actives to church.  It was a terrible Sunday, but jiayou!  We'll just work harder.  I ton of them have Buddhism problems.  They think all religions are the same and all worship the same god and it doesn't matter.  That's hard.  We tell them to pray and ask him for themselves, but oftentimes they say it doesn't matter.  We try to testify and let the spirit talk instead of us.  It works once we've done everything we can do.  My flat is alright.  It's big compared to most supposedly, but there are a lot of stairs and no room.  No where to sit and eat and we have cockroaches pretty often.  Not to mention Mosquitos.  It's crazy.  It's fine though.  The AC in our room works well.  I usually wake up cold.
I actually only have three minutes left and I haven't told any cool experiences, but we had a guy who told us he thought our message was true after the first lesson (he came to general conference randomly).  Then after, he told us he got an answer.  Then on Sunday someone answered is phone and said he was zhanglaojiao which is Protestant.  Super weird.  We need to get a hold of him.  We also met a funny drunk man, and other drunk people who touched me because I was a waiguoren (foreigner/outsider).

So for the zone activity, we went to a TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES PIZZA parlor.  IT WAS HILARIOUS!!  It was in Taizhong city.  SO SO FUNNY.  It actually tasted really good, but why was it even there!? They played American pop music and I felt apostate.  Haha!  Anyway, we're working really hard on this Wang family, but they told us that they can't accept the gospel because her husband's dad is a monk...apparently that leads to contention.  Also, we have two little kids lined up for baptism, I think I told you the associated MIRACLE.  If not, remind me. 

I really have to go.  I love you and miss you all.  ZAIJIAN.

-Wu Zhanglao

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